No wonder the Egyptians regarded linen as sacred and a symbol of purity. Linen is a 100% natural vegetable fibre, is biodegradable, recyclable and stands out for its lightness and durability.

The linen fabrics are characterized by being breathable and absorb moisture, in fact they manage to lower the temperature of the skin between 2 and 4 degrees.

Linen is a very resistant fabric, it does not yellow, and due to its low elasticity it retains its shape over time. It is hypoallergenic and improves blood circulation.

Linen fabrics are hygienic due to the capacity of their fibres to eliminate the activity of the pathogenic microflora of our skin, such as for example those we generate with our sweat, rejecting all types of bacteria.

If you are afraid of wrinkling too much, do not forget that the wrinkle in the linen is an indicator of its composition, there are those who wrinkle less because they are mixed with cotton, but if it is mixed it loses part of the benefits provided by linen.

The wrinkle in linen is beautiful! Linen shirts bring distinction and elegance.

Do you need more reasons to get one?

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