About us

Collaroy is the result of many years looking for the “perfect shirt”. That white, versatile, comfortable and elegant but at the same time simple shirt, that you don’t get tired of wearing because it combines with everything, be it jeans or dress trousers. At some point we all had that favorite shirt that lasted for years and we wore it a thousand times because we loved it. 

For some years now, with the growth of cheap fashion, it has become increasingly difficult to find this type of good, well-made shirts that don’t go out of fashion and feel great. That’s where Collaroy was born. 

Aware of the environment and concerned about the pollution caused by the manufacture of synthetic clothing and today’s throwaway fashion, we have opted for natural fibres of the highest quality, so that they are durable and sustainable.

Both the fabrics and the manufacture of the garments come from Spanish factories, a sign of indisputable quality. 

If you are one of those who think like us, welcome to Collaroy.