A love letter from Collaroy

Since 2019 Collaroy’s commitment is based on respect for our planet and the people who work with us every day. We believe that there must be a fairer world, but above all we think that fashion must be beautiful on the inside and on the outside.
Every brand, every piece of clothing that we buy brings with it a story, and we want to tell you ours.
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. The price you pay each time you buy clothes does not reflect the price that garment actually costs. Environmentally conscious and concerned about the pollution produced by the manufacture of synthetic garments and throwaway fashion, at Collaroy we have chosen natural fibres of the highest quality to make them durable and sustainable.
We work with local workshops, authentic craftsmen and sewing professionals, where each garment is given a unique treatment, with optimum working conditions. Our fabrics come from national factories, they are 100% natural fabrics of the best quality, and/or fabrics with OEKO-TEX, GOTS certification.
The design of our garments is the mirror of our own style, timeless, elegant and at the same time simple. We want our garments to last a long time in your wardrobes, and once they no longer have any use for you, you can donate them to someone who will continue our story.
If you think like us, welcome to Collaroy.



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